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IRC Channel
You can also find in #anticiv on If you don't have an IRC client, you can use the Web interface: Personally, I recommend weechat as an IRC client.
did you mean #anticiv instead of #anti-civ ? because #anticiv lists itself as official chat on chat itself and no one is in #anti-civ ...
Oops, yes. Sorry! Thanks for pointing it out.
I use Tor-SASL. I don't remember how it works though. Only that you need to connect to the right port (6667 IIRC). I suggest using the webchat thing (or vanilla weechat) and asking in #freenode or #weechat, both of which are quite populated and responding, in my experience.
Oh, yeah. I remember your second mistake tripping me up too. I didn't even know what about torify, although I've used torsocks. Thanks for letting us know how to do it rather than the classic Linux video/wifi drivers forum post that culminates in "never mind, I figured it out" to everyone's despair, haha.

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