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Shelter take two electric boogaloo

I built a second shelter in the same area as the first one a few hundred yards from my house.  It actually went smoothly which is something I'm not used to at all in my endeavours.  I solved the wall problem of the last one by making it in a tent like shape with supports against the tree.  I cannibalized a lot of the materials from the last shelter since it was just in a collapsed pile of broken dreams like the last time I left it.  The only thing I didn't get from the woods was the rope but that's my next earth skill to learn making my own rope.  It's held up with a support log tied to the tree to form a suspended base with poles laid down and leaves for roof and one pole dug in the ground held in my earth and rocks to catch it.  The front of it is my half ass'd lazy man attempt to keep the snow out since it's gonna snow at least a foot where I live tomorrow.  The last pic is from a failed Idea of mine I wanted to build a indoor fire pit in this thing but quickly realized how bad of an idea that is seeing how I would basically be in a giant tinder box with a fire a foot from me.   That was suppose to be a chimney of sorts to let the smoke out.
Very cool. Any post-snowing update? If I ever stay with my parents for an extended amount of time, I'd really like to try something like this.
(Sun, 15 Apr 2018 06:41:27 +0000, 06:41 AM)alexander Wrote: Very cool. Any post-snowing update? If I ever stay with my parents for an extended amount of time, I'd really like to try something like this.

It survived with flying colors I blocked the entrance way to keep the snow out in the most half was possible but It worked, my advice if you build a shelter (keep in mind I'm no expert) is A. don't lean a lot of weight against your support beams it'll come crashing down and B. you can't have to much support ,rocks are your best friend for this if you dig a hole to for a support beam fill it with rocks nice and tight and fill it back up, and if your suspending stuff be extra careful when I was building this shelter I made the foolish mistake of crawling underneath the thing before I had tied it to the tree when it was basically just a log jammed into a tree held up by another log that wasn't even in the ground yet, and the second after I got up the whole log came down which would have jacked me up good.
You can say were free when our lives aren't guided by a punch clock.
The A frame is the bomb. Works well with a tarp strung over as well!
If you make it quite low it will take a hell of a beating. I slept through a snow storm in one of those, just have to dig in the sides. Plus you are near invisible, which is always pleasing to the inner ninja!
Where I live there is loads of pine and if you go looking you find the shelters of moose under the bigger ones. Makes for a real snug sleep.

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