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Crying at work is becoming normal

«Employees at Whole Foods are getting fed up with a new Amazon-imposed inventory system that they say is making their lives miserable.


«Specifically, employees say morale is getting hammered by a draconian “scorecard” system that penalizes employees for even the slightest of infractions in how the store is managed.

«Essentially, the score card system requires employees to satisfactorily complete 90 percent of items on a checklist that store managers use to evaluate performance. Any scores below 90 percent are considered failures, and this can result in employee firings.

«What’s more, store managers are expected to regularly pelt their employees with pop quizzes that include information about “their departments’ sales goals, top-selling items, previous week’s sales, and other information,” Business Insider reports.

«“Every item in our department has a designated spot that is labeled or marked,” Colorado Whole Foods worker tells the publication. “If that item is even an inch outside of its designated spot… we receive negative marks.”

«Another Whole Foods supervisor, meanwhile, says that they dread coming to work for fear that someone from the corporate office will be there to brutally evaluate their team’s work.

«“I wake up in the middle of the night from nightmares about maps and inventory, and when regional leadership is going to come in and see one thing wrong, and fail the team,” they said. “The stress has created such a tense working environment. Seeing someone cry at work is becoming normal.”»

Just awful stuff.
Thanks. Yep, this is awful.
Just so we don't let things depress us too much I read [on, News of Opposition, 23 Feb] some heartening news that has come out of Iran in the last couple of days. Rather than crying at work some brave factory workers have been shouting aloud their protestation at the company organised Friday prayers:

'Iran, Ahvaz: steelworkers take over Friday prayer and satirically chant “Death to the worker, long live the oppressor” '

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