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Climate change deniers publishing papers in sloppy journals
Hundreds of journals, «mostly based in the Indian subcontinent or China», «are part of a ballooning online industry offering to give academics a place to publish their work in return for a fee and minimal, if any, quality control. […] Some have been identified as “predatory” because of the way they target academics, often through spam emails, without properly disclosing fees or claiming to provide a peer review service that would give their research the scrutiny needed.»

This isn't a new phenomena, but it seems there's been a bunch of them made specifically for climate change denial. «One climate science denier has targeted at least six journals for his research claiming that sea levels around Fiji and other Pacific islands are not rising.»

«Now, anyone can publish anything in a journal with a name that sounds official but in fact offers none of the checks and balances of legitimate journals.»

«That’s how a paper with the title Get Me Off Your Fucking Mailing List can be accepted for publication in the International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology.»

The Get Me Off paper is legendary in the informatics mileux:

He sent a paper with the words "Get me off your fucking mailing list" repeated ad nauseaum (including a flowchart!), and it was accepted to be published by one of these idiotic journals. Sadly, they did not take the guy off their fucking mailing list.

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