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The Liberated Earth
Do members consider Diego Rivera's vision of the liberated Earth to be the image of a primitive society or a civilised society?

Work makes you free! Behold, the liberated Earth! I wonder if the reclining comrade is part of the Secretariat?

I like Rivera, but this is pretty much just M-L propaganda. I think there is even a hammer and sickle above the main panel.
Rivera had a very turbulent relationship with the Communist Party of Mexico being expelled on many occasions.

Yes, you are right, the man does have the appearance of a Socialist Realist figure, albeit a naked one. I see that you say the "reclining figure" singular? I think the character below conforms more to my imagined Central Commitee member.

My problem with the work is the appearance of a ploughed field in the background. This betrays it's Euro-communism/Marxism Leninism more than the hammer and sickle (note: these two primitive tools are separated in the panel above the mural). To paraphrase Jack Harlan, the plough is a tool of capitalist civilisation; the hoe is a tool of primitive communism.

I like Rivera too. The Communist Party invited Adolf Hitler to speak at one of it's meetings in the 1920's. At the end of the speech the attendees all stood to give him a standing ovation, with the exception of one lone figure: poor Diego sat firmly in his seat with his arms clasped.

All in all, I agree. The image is one of an advanced civilisation more than a primitive human society.


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