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Work Isn't Working Out
I handed out some copies today, and will hand out more tomorrow. «I hope that precisely you have a future in unemployment!»

If anyone uses Reddit or Twitter or Facebook or those things, please feel free to share a link to this thread.
That is a good thing that you have done today. I have shared it to the Theocraticcommunism subreddit.
Critique of civilisation

Just as 19th century communism would have got nowhere without a critique of Proudhon. idealism and economical thinking in general, 21st century anti-civilisation will flounder in the muck of civilisation without a serious critique of Marx the Machinist.

It is inadequate to ignore the intense class struggle going on under our most civilised noses; it is plainly stupid to have recourse to anarchist ideology; bourgeois critics fall into trap of coalescing the barbarism of Babylonian civilisation with the primitive communism of pre-history.

It will be essential to recognise that capitalist civilisation is ephemeral and that humanity does not find its foundation here but its destruction. If we accept that the human species is merely an infant we will have been suckered in by the breast at the expense of the womb.

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