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New highways in Amazon risk ethnocide

«[ I ]ndigenous federations and other Peruvians have responded fiercely to a proposed law promoting the construction of highways in some of the remotest parts of the Peruvian Amazon near the border with Brazil. A series of “protected natural areas”, including four national parks, and five reserves for indigenous peoples living in “isolation” could ultimately be impacted.


«The aim [of the law] is to declare “the construction of highways and the maintenance of tracks in the frontier zone of the Ucayali region to be a national priority and in the national interest.” The main stated reason is to make it easier for people living in remote areas to transport their agricultural products to market, thereby boosting trade and economic development.»

Agricultural products presumably meaning soy concentrates for factory farm animal feed. Ethnocide, ecocide, biocide; all for the sake of promoting the genocide of animals—more popularly referred to through a euphemism: dinner.

«[One of the proposed routes runs] right through the Alto Purus national park and Madre de Dios reserve, both inhabited by indigenous peoples in “isolation.”

«“That means a highway would bring their deaths,” says Cusurichi, a Shipibo man.»[/i]

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