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I prefer Coltrane, as well. That version is better for sure. We can laugh or we can cry, my friends. We can laugh or cry. I'm sure I seem like an asshole sometimes but I always mean well and am just as downtrodden, anxious, etc. etc. When life gives you lemons...
I don't like to be left out of a joke especially if I suspect I am the butt of it. Hopefully it will be a humbling experience for me. I am arrogant so humbling is useful for me.

I just noticed the link contained under your posts. I have only read the title but I hope I can force myself to devote a little of my time to reading the piece.

I was once called "domesticated". From the little I have gleaned so far about your personality you are quite the opposite. I think we may form a good dynamic if we can only try.
You weren't the butt of it.

We're all but the butts of life

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