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Has anyone considered the absurdity and contradiction of proposing a position against civilisation on the epitome of civilisation, ie on the World Wide Web?
I see no absurdity nor contradiction in it.
Yes, the Luddites did but not out of choice. 

Anyway, for right or wrong I'm back here again because there is very little space elsewhere for me on this Web. This site and dialectical-delinquents are the only places that have not censored me (aside from Facebook which I self-censored from because of its inanity).

To anyone who happens to read this apologies for my acerbic behaviour on this site so far. Please ascribe it to a life-long addiction to two certain drugs and I will endeavour to be more positive in future here now.
Welcome back! Good to see you staying on.
Thank you. I am more convinced than I was when last here that this so-called civilisation is doomed.

Edit: ... or we are
That is very good. Thank you Zachev
Hilarious, Zhachev.
I think I missed the joke. I only thought of that John Coltrane record, A Love Supreme:

I don't like to be left out of a joke especially if I suspect I am the butt of it. Hopefully it will be a humbling experience for me. I am arrogant so humbling is useful for me.

I just noticed the link contained under your posts. I have only read the title but I hope I can force myself to devote a little of my time to reading the piece.

I was once called "domesticated". From the little I have gleaned so far about your personality you are quite the opposite. I think we may form a good dynamic if we can only try.

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