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[strolls in]
looking forward to actually contributing after reading over my partner's shoulder for a while. the color scheme is pleasing here. i'm interested in discussing things like veganism, communism, and arbitrary social differences. i'm partial to black fem anarcho-communist philosophy (as a black fem myself). generally my anti-civ utopian vision looks a lot like our vegan server on Minecraft - giant mushrooms, tall grass, and animals everywhere. acab and all landlords.
thanks for having this space :)
Hallo & welcome! I'm glad you like the colour scheme—it's not something that's regularly complimented. There's quite a few vegans and communists around here. I don't know what "black fem anarcho-communist philosophy" means though, so if that's something you're knowledgeable about, consider yourself encouraged to starting a thread on it somewhere!

I hope you'll enjoy posting here, even for want of giant mushrooms, tall grass, and animals everywhere

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