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Anti-civ journal
Would anyone be interested in making an anti-civ journal with me? :)

Get in touch:
Depends. I would need to know more. What kind of journal do you envision making?
I think that would depend on who I am making it with. Your question is also too broad, so I'm not sure what you mean by "kind" here. (Not that I am adverse to replying here rather than privately!)
By 'kind' I mean would it be mostly polemical screeds, or would it be mostly news and action reports, or would it be a mix of poetry, fiction and essays? Would it be a cheap photocopied zine, or a magazine, or a bound journal? Would it be online or print or both? Would it be for a general audience, for anarchists in general, or just for anticiv folks?

A journal can be many different things. Which is why I asked, what kind of journal do you want to make? Do you have a clear vision, or are you just floating an idea at this point?
Primarily interested, in order, in: essays and articles pertaining to the anti-civ theme; pocketbook or newspaper; print or both; fairly general audience (I'm not an anarchist, so I'm certainly not making something catering exclusively to anarchists). However, all these points are up for discussion. It depends more on the people than some singular "vision" that I have. And I think that evolution is more critical than design in matters such as this.

Other points of interest to me: no "manifesto"; no formalised rules; no release cycle/schedule (beyond the immediate); proper citations; peer review; academic rigour in general; low ecological footprint; reprint old but still relevant anti-copyright essays/articles. Again—virtually all points up for debate.
Just curious: When you say you are not an anarchist, should I take this as meaning you do believe in government, authority, and hierarchical relations?
I'm not sure what you mean by "believe" here. Government, authorities, and hierarchical relations are facts, not matters of belief. If you mean—as I suspect you do—whether I am for government, authority, and hierarchical relations, (i.e. that I believe that they are "good", useful, &c) then my answer is that I am against them.
If you are against them, then that is a position generally called anarchist, by definition.
I wasn't telling someone what 'they are', I was describing being against government, authority, hierarchy, etc, as a position generally called anarchist. The position (and not necessarily the person) is anarchist.
Ignoring the side-step:


I'm interested in doing this as a print thing, so it seems useful to me to have various hubs throughout the world, each responsible for their own printing, but with various mutual aid going about. Furthermore, I am not sure I could be motivated to do this if nobody were interested locally (or at least nationally)—though if there were other active hubs, I could certainly be persuaded.

It seems that going digital might be the simplest solution, at least in the beginning. But this brings many difficulties too. One is getting readers interested; I feel like a print journal has a lot more identity. Another is keeping contributors interested without the close bonds of the face-to-face. However, a web journal might be more practical than a print journal still. What do you think?

I definitely want people to be able to contribute when they want, and then we'd do a peer review process, and just put it on the stack for the next issue. Then, when the stack is suitably filled up, we can release an issue. Just keep it dynamic and flowing.

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