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I built my first outdoor shelter.
I apologize ahead of time for the somewhat poor pictures I'm terrible at taking photos and I don't have a steady hand to save my life.  Anyway, this is my first ever shelter, I built today in the woods behind my parents house.  It took three tries after the first two attempts hilariously collapsed in on themselves gravity is a bitch.  But begrudgingly I kept going and just about an hour ago finished it.  It ain't much but you could live in it.  The roof is just leaves gathered from around just to keep the rain and snow out and the base is just a a basic 45 degree shaped structure.  I'm gonna add walls to it at some point, but I didn't have the time today and the night was closing in on me.  All I used for tools was a tree saw, a hatchet, and my trusty hunting knife which I broke the handle off and had to fix half way through of course.
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Dude, that shit is awesome. How did you manage to keep the joints and angles together? Wondering how it'll go in the rain, lemme know!

Thanks for the compliment btw, I don't know if you can see but if you follow the two main joist you'll see two logs sticking out where the V in the sections are, they're buried about about half a foot underground i filled the holes with rocks to keep them as stable as possible and used the L joint to hold them into place even more.  It's suppose to rain in my area Friday so i'll report back then to see how it works out. 

 My next goal is to make my own clay pots. I found a tan moldable dirt while digging my supports that I believe to be clay or maybe sandstone or something I don't know my soil types to well. I'm gonna find more then try and make my own pottery and maybe reinforce the roof with it to.
(Wed, 29 Nov 2017 05:59:34 +0000, 05:59 AM)Zhachev Wrote: So it's just gravity and the posts that is really fucking cool.
If your still curious my makeshift shelter survived the rain,  it held up really well the ground underneath it seemed nice and dry, I need to build some walls though to keep the dampness out. and I'm also gonna add a stone fire pit on the right side maybe.
So and update on my shelter... I broke it today trying to put walls up.  I took a photo for you all to share in my crushing disappointment.

Basically I was trying to build walls with rocks and wooden poles I had cut from wood around the area not taking into account that the forward support beams I had dug couldn't take the weight I was putting on them even though I thought pretty strong and the whole thing fell down in front of me, I was instantly crushed inside.  And what sucks the most in all of this is that my sharpening stone was inside the thing so I gotta dig through all the rubble to get it out in the morning.  You all know the old saying when it rains it pours.
Thanks for documenting! What doesn't kill you makes us stronger.

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