Poll: Enable the signature feature on the forum?
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I don't like signatures, but if people want them, and nobody explicitly doesn't want them, I can enable them.

Polls aren't off, and they work fine for me. Do anyone else have problems making polls? To make a poll, add a new thread (anywhere) by clicking Post Thread in a forum, and see if you have the Poll options at the bottom of the New Thread dialogue.
Days? I don't even have that option, hah. I can just choose how many options I want to include in the poll. Could you post a screenshot?
I personally enjoy signatures. It allows users to showcase a bit of uniqueness. I do agree that a character limit should be enforced though.
Not a lot of people care, but nobody seems to violently oppose signatures, so I guess I'll activate them. Have fun.

Edit: OK, so, you guys know that signatures have been enabled all along… right? LOL. Go to your User Control Panel, and use "Change Signature". It's right beneath "Change Avatar".

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