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Personal rewilding activities/habits
Anyone here do anything in their daily lives that they wouldn't do if they were not anti-civ? Exercise, diet, relationships, could be anything. I'm curious to hear people's examples.

Personally I do a number of things. I try as much as possible to be aware of what little nature there is around me, watching and listening to the birds, the trees and plants, clouds and seasons. I'm constantly amazed at just the little things you notice that noone else I speak to seems to notice - for instance the dandelions flowering, jackdaws pairing up and collecting nesting material, tree blossoms.

I try to limit my intake of cereals and grains and instead up my intake of dark green veg and avoid processed foods altogether. Quitting coffee is a constant battle though :)
I often take cold showers and try and always have a window open. A few other little things are: going barefoot when I can, trying to maximise natural light and limit screen time, being as sociable as I can be and taking good long week long hikes into the middle of nowhere whenever possible.

Also trying to use my intuition and senses for things instead of relying on technology. I try to navigate using the sun and perceptual awareness, I often do things 'the old fashioned way' instead of some gadget and I walk everywhere - cars suck!

I feel like it does help me to do these things, I come to rely on my senses a lot more than others (I'm always the person people come to to ask if milk or food has gone bad!!) and I trust my instincts more than other people I've met.

Anyone got any similar habits?
I can't imagine what I would do if I weren't anti-civ. I forage, hunt, fish, trap, and garden extensively, I spin wool and other fibers and at one point all of the clothing I owned I had made myself. I tan hides, and my bed for years was just a pile of green deer hides I hadn't gotten around to dehairing yet topped with a pile of knitted blankets. I lived for six years in a little log cabin I built with no running water or electricity, and no road access in the winter. I don't take any medicine, and have done about half of my own dental work. I trained as a farrier, and though I make allot of tools out of scrap metal I haven't yet smelted any iron though I really want to learn to do that. I've kept goats and sled dogs and chickens and various sorts of rabbits. For one year I managed to get almost all my firewood by axe, but every year till then I used a combination of chainsaw and crosscut saw, and since then I've been either away from my own land or in town.

I'm living in town now because I got married and had a baby and my little 10x12 cabin isn't big enough for the three of us but I'm eager to go back to the woods, and as soon as we can get a few things sorted out we'll be building ourselves either a timberframe or a yurt to live in.

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