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Edit: Updated because I now host & run the site


I'm Alexander, and I host and run this place. I like because it is very broad. It's nice to have some place to discuss these kinds of ideas with both people who are very like-minded, as well as people who vehemently disagree with almost everything you say, when there are some shared underlying interests.'s a place to grow.

If you'll permit my paraphrasing of Fredy Perlman, the only -ist I respond to is cellist! Or, at least I would, if I were a cellist. To paraphrase Fifth Estate, I'm not an anarchist per se, but pro-anarchy. I would agree with much of this Green Anarchy statement:, but I detest ideologies and ideologues. I don't identify as an -ist, I identify as *me*. Anything beyond that feels like limiting self-imposed slavery to ideas and ideals.

Many people would accuse me of being the cliché armchair revolutionary with lots of criticisms, and not a lot of suggestions for how to act. And they would be quite right in doing so. I think that persuasion is a form of violence. I don't want to tell anyone what to do. After all, what if I'm wrong? Thus the only positive thing I have to suggest and hamper on about is Krishnamurti's concept of "thinking together." I'm not an optimist, and I don't really think we can get out of this mess. But since I am the world, and the world is me, any conflict and violence in the world, is conflict and violence in me, so I'm going to end it. And our best bet to ending it is thinking together.

So let's think together,!
Hi alexander,

What's going on with the site in general? Why the new message board, site design, etc.?

Hallo. There were some technical issues with the previous system. This new site is receiving a few small finalising touches, and then we're going relaunching, v2! Sorry about the inconvenience. We hope to start promoting it the week after next, at the latest, and more privately invite some people we know next week.

If you want to start some threads and get some discussion going (or at least ready) in the meantime, please go ahead -- that would be great!
Hey Alexander thanks for starting this place!

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