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Simple steps to decentralize the power of corporations
Corporations only have power because we use their services. We have the power to remove this power simply by choosing an alternative product or service.

This is a list I’ve compiled of alternatives to products and services created by large corporations (Microsoft, JPMorganChase, Apple, Google etc..)

Here are a few simple changes I believe everyone can do. Feel free to post your own.


Use this website to find a local bank rather than using a "Too Big To Fail" entity

Web Browser

Firefox used to lag behind Chrome but the most recent release of Firefox Quantum has resulted, in my opinion, a browser superior to Google Chrome.

Mobile Browser

Firefox for mobile

Search Engine

Admittely it isn't on par with google but you can redirect searches to google by adding "!g" to you search term when you aren't satisfied with the results.

Operating System

Use Linux. The most noob friendly distribution is Ubuntu.


Created by the scientists at CERN, is encrypted, and hosted in Switzerland.


Never pay full price. Always buy used from a site like Swappa.

Streaming, Audio books, E-books

If you have a library card you can use these services for free.

Office Software

Use LibreOffice

Ad Block. Use uBlock Origin

and if you insist on using chrome.

It won't be an issue Zachev. It's really about introducing new players into the field. It's very unlikely that the new players will completely usurp the giants in those industry.
Here is a very interesting and above all practical post.
First i would suggest everyone to never use debit/credit cards.
Withdraw your money monthly from the exact same local bank agency, exactly the same amount, put in your pocket and proceed. Make all your payments in cash, rent, water, electricity, drugs, etc.
Another add for android browsers, IceCat.

Peace \m/
We haven't talked about bitcoin here yet, but that would be a good step to avoid banks, i have been a big supporter of cryptocoins, but i was surprised to hear Cliff in anarchy radio 2 weeks ago talking how bitcoin can be dubious but i guess everything is technology will be dubious, i should have seen that coming.
Non the less for now and until the collapse i would still avoid banks at all costs.

Eating vegan by mostly getting your food WHOLE and fresh from local markets will also not contribute so much for big brands vegan and non-vegan and also by staying healthy you wont spend your money with the evil pharmaceutical industry and/or brainwashed regular doctors.

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