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The free commune of Barbacha

Interesting piece on a free commune in Kabylia, Algeria. Totally unbeknownst to me, this thing has been going on for quite a while: «Since 2012, the people there decided to forego holding the reins of municipal authority to instead develop diverse forms of self-management, notably via their Open General Assembly».

Kropotkin wrote about the Kabyles a long time ago: «Kabyles in particular have a long, vast history in avoiding authority and hierarchy, rejecting French colonialism and bureaucracy, by implementing local village assemblies; government in itself has mostly been alien to them. In his 1902 book Mutual Aid, Peter Kropotkin noted the rejection of authority that seemed to be imbedded in Kabyle culture.» The article includes some snippets of that book. I've read the book many years ago, but I did not recall this bit. I suppose it is a very European thing to do, to read about "ah, these exotic Africans have got it right"—skimming over the name and details—and then promptly forget about it. Shame on me! I should obviously have investigated further, for this is hot stuff.

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