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The Video Game Based on Thoreau's 'Walden' Will Bring You Closer to Nature

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So I tried this. I sent an email about it to a friend, and now I remembered that I'd posted it here, so I'll relay the email here as well.

Quote:Played through it now. It's surprisingly good. I enjoy interactive
fiction, and these days perhaps even more so than regular "actual"
games. The game fails utterly at what it advertises -- with the whole
"connect with nature!" theme -- but that is to expected, because said
premise is so idiotic. But it does give one the desire to reread
Walden. And if one is entirely oblivious, it will no doubt give one
some things to ponder -- and if one goes on to read Walden and Civil
Disobedience (extracts of both are inside the game), one will
certainly end up pondering a great deal.

The gameplay is simple in both meanings of the term -- viz. it is
simple and engaging but then again, at times, boring. The most
interesting part is perhaps reading the various letters in the game,
and learning about Thoreau. There were lots of things in there I
didn't know. The graphics and so forth aren't up to snuff for a game
that prides itself on its nature depictions, but it gets its point
across semi-adequately.

There is a certain therapeutic element, which necessarily collapses in
on itself whenever I gave said element a moment's worth of thought --
it is therapeutic to live a simple life like this... which I'm
simulating as a virtual world on a super high-tech computer &c. The
dissonance so burdens the experience.

All that said -- I enjoyed my time at Walden Pond.

Now, I can't wait for the Unabomber game.

So I think the main problem with this game is that unlike DOOM, where you're fragging dæmons from hell, this kind of veging out is more comparable to botanical gardens, zoos, parks, &c, in that instead of relaxing escapism, it kinda ends up just reinforcing why you need to veg out in the first place.

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