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Music thread
I'm grateful for this thread and hope my offerings enrich it. It's not easy to find music anywhere along this ideological spectrum, especially that isn't super-punk/metal/DIY.

This project band including Fugazi's Ian MacKaye, Al Jourgenson and Paul Barker of Ministry, Bill Rieflin (of everything) and Eric Spicer of Naked Raygun. Their "Man Should Surrender" might be the first anti-civ song I dug, back at 16 years old. Now that I'm anticiv and live on the Olympic Peninsula ("water will still come" = here, 66" of rain a year...I have seen its unrelenting power to destroy and marshal destruction via mold, insects and rodents), the song's resonance has renewed.

You engineer the stratosphere
You command this hemisphere
But water will still come
Man should surrender
Rearrange forms of life
Battle night with your lights
But water will still come
Man should surrender
Flying boxes through the air
Dropping cities everywhere
But water will still come
Man should surrender
Fire made for all to burn
Foolish end for all concerned
But water will still come
Man should surrender
Surrender now

I first heard of this guy on Free Radical Radio but I think Dirty Zerzy has played him too. He's perfect anticiv podcast bumper music. Some of the angriest and most radical lyrics I've heard, but delivered with classical musicianship (sorry I guess I'm reactionary in some ways lol). Sort of folksy/orchestral/parlor music with bluesy vocals. Also he rants on twitter @marmadukedando.

"The snivelling remains of humanity, scooped up off the floor and served back to itself. Masticated already in preparation for the toothless masses of this dying nation. If this is civilisation I want no part in it. 

To think one can comprehend so little, yet live in such complexity is nothing short of a riddle. The deeply satisfying myth of progress, that faceless object that offers, divine purpose. If this is civilisation I want no part in it. 

Another day, another horror. No one seems remotely bothered. Sat there all day twiddling little machines, sucking on dicks of men they've never even seen. If this is civilisation I want no part in it. 

I would burn my right hand in a slow fire, to change the future before it expires. If this is civilisation I want no part in it. 

The division of labour has outsourced your mind, the spunk's gone dead you can't fuck for you lives. 

If this is civilisation I want no part in it."
WaldnPwnd, Pailhead are great! But unfortunately the other video you linked is not up any more.

Zhachev, I haven't heard Antibalas, so this was a pleasant surprise — thanks for sharing!
Emilie Mayer's seventh is one of my favourite romantic compositions: — it's like peak romance era. Indescribably beautiful.
Alexander, the link I pasted for Marmaduke Dando works, I just checked! Why does technology hate us so much? ;) If you youtube "dando if this is civilisation", check the studio version. I can't, and usually won't speak for live versions.

Zhachev, I saw Antibalas live in Brooklyn a few years ago. They put on a damn tight live show. Unfortunately I don't think their lyrics are as inspired as those of the man whose shadow towers over them all, Fela, but I think I set myself up expecting that. I do appreciate that they are more decentralized...Fela's band existed for HIS glory, where everyone in Antibalas carries equal weight. More anarchist lol

I'd like to add Militia, which is like a Belgian anarprim Test Dept: industrial percussion, homemade wind instruments, yelling of propaganda ("remember the words of our comrade Kropotkin!" on the chartbusting tune "Mikael Bakunin") in continental-accented English, tapeloops...

This one, 'black wolves music', is dedicated to ALF:

But their ideology, while always anarchist, varies in tendency from album to album, as does their instrumentation ("Everything is One" for example, is more sweeping, with operatic treatments and orchestral drones). And their practice is strongly collaborative, bringing in soundscape artists, orchestra musicians and vocalists to provide a diverse sound. Having most of their discography, the tendency is strongly green/eco/prim. 

'limitations of language'

Can't recommend enough
Listened to all the stuff posted here now. Thanks! It's good stuff. I know Fela via Ginger Baker, an interesting chap if ever there was one.

Anyway this is the happiest song I know, and we all need to be happy sometimes, so here we go:
[Video: http://]

[Video: http://]

[Video: http://]
lately i have been listening to a garage-glam-post-punk & roll mix i made for the summer, repeateldy, especially while driving, but these are some recent jams that evoke moods that glint like otherwordly metals, some othered not so domesticant planetary ooze.
(Thu, 06 Apr 2017 07:43:22 +0000, 07:43 AM)alexander Wrote: Wind in His Hair - Earhtwrecker, crust band from Germany. Anarcho-primitivist lyrics. Good stuff! Anyone else know some good primitivist/anticiv/green anarchy/whatever bands?

Look into the band Conflict a really loud experimental punk band and one of my personal favorites.  They write about animal rights, police violence, and plain old anarchist fuck the system attitude.  This is my favorite track of their's.

[Video: http://]
Gonna check out the latest posts here next week (kind of busy the next few days, travelling). Beefheart is solid stuff, and so's Butthole Surfers & The Seeds. I've not heard the rest. Thanks Lateralus for making a personalised recommendation! Looking forward to listening.

I just wanted to share this press thingy for the new GY!BE album:
[Image: https://consequenceofsound.files.wordpre...y=80&w=791]
re godspee: oh, bless those old canadian heads...

i swear, punk is certainly experiencing a renaissance.
a favorite record right now:

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