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Welcome to the new parenting paradigm
«Welcome to the new parenting paradigm: You must be all-seeing and all-knowing when it comes to your kids.»

$299 socks that track babies' heart rates & blood oxygen levels. I have no idea what *my* heart rate or what my blood oxygen level is. Perhaps I should get one of these? And I do mean one. Who has $299 to spend; can't I just have one sock for $150?

The article mentions something very important: «When this level of knowledge is possible, anyone opting out is seen as negligent.» This is a prime example of how technology is used as an authoritarian instrument to keep the rabble in line. We are being terrorised into consuming. "You don't have a $300 pair of socks to track your baby? What kind of monster are you?"

This effect is constantly ignored by the techno-fetishists who refuse to acknowledge the metaphysical whole of technology. They'd of course insist that the socks are "neutral," because they're just socks, it's up to the consumer what they do with them. So the socks are only a problem if you use them to choke your (or someone else's) baby.

The article makes yet another excellent observation: «Children raised under the parental panopticon may come to resent it. But it's just as likely they'll come to expect or even depend on it. When you've grown up in prison, freedom is terrifying.» We don't use technology -- technology uses us. Perlman was right: «The everyday activity of slaves reproduces slavery.»

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