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Migrants to Europe are fleeing war & violence

Migrants coming to Europe are not looking to "take our jobs;" they're primarily fleeing war and violence. This is kind of obvious, but it's good to have research backing it up.

Noam Chomsky said that there is no "migration crisis," there's just a "moral crisis" in that Western countries are wreaking havoc on the climate and on foreign countries (AKA bombing the shit out of them), and then refusing mutual aid to the very people whose lives that are ruined. I'm not a moralist, but his underlying point is valid.
The present narrative that migrants are coming to "take out jobs" is just another in a long line of escape goats for why the system is broken. It was the Irish in the 19th century, then it was black people,then Mexicans, and now it's migrants a lot of them are innocent women and children fleeing violence and war, it's disgusting that we've come to this. I agree with you that Chomsky is right on how it's a moral crisis it's one the west has had for a long time. They fought in these long drawn out conflicts like Vietnam or Iraq blown the hell out of them and done nothing in fact on one case i can think of we've denied any wrong doing all together. Read into what the U.S did in Iraq with uranium weapons then they just don't give a damn about the consequences and deny, deny, deny this i feel best describes what Chomsky means.

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