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Hello everyone
Hi everybody its a pleasure to meet all of you i go by Lateralus here.  I heard about your website from reddit a few months back and finally decided to give it a perusal.  I'm sympathetic to anti civ thought but also have my own doubts about it, i'd like to maybe explore.  I'm still trying to find my own ideological identity, I started out as a Marxist in my teens then became an Bookchin inspired ancom in the last few years and recently I've discovered anti civ thought threw reading about groups like Earth First. and became a subscriber to ecological thinking.  If i had to give myself a label to show my ideological thinking these days it would be Post-left, Post-Civ Green Anarchist.  The core belief of "Take what you need and compost the rest" speaks to me.
Hallo Lateralus, & welcome! I hope you'll find the discussions here informative. You say you have doubts — good. All we need to do is to approach discussions in good faith, and we'll all get something out of them!

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