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A Little Introduction!
Hello lads! Just joined this fine forum today! Looks quite pleasant! My destination to this forum started when i was looking for good AnPrim esque places to talk about AnPrim like things, and fir tge most part it seem'd wuite empty. Then i stumbled upon here and it seems like quite the comfy little community. 

Onto introducing myself, I hope the long following text clears up on how i got into this stuff in the first place.

 I always loved the outdoors from a young age and loved my time in the Boy Scouts of America, eventually reaching the rank of Eagle Scout. This time in Scouting left an imense impression on me and made me realize the values of putting your Childern and family through such activities in a environment where limiting ones exposure to an emensly industrialized home can tremendously enhance the human experience. This sorta things pushed my interest later down the road into researching lifestyles that lacked emense urbanized and industrializeld areas and ways of living. I think my Childhood expirences with Religion also probably helped shaped this world view of mine, while i dont adhere to any Religion, I would call self a Deist of sorts. I was raise in a Baptist household and quite a devout one at that. While later down the line i began  have my doubts about Christianity being literally true and struggling with some of its teachings, the Moral principles of servering  higher cause other then mans worldly and decadent wantings has effected my view of whats Moral and Immoral. Eventually as i grew older and such i started getting into Anarchy and arguments against governments as we know them today. Listened to all kinds of people & browsed a lot of internet forums, reddit-like places for this subject. But many of the types people came of as extremely but subtlety and maybe unconsciously so, pro industrialized society. Which always never sat well with me. As i always sided with the AnPrims more then the other Anarchists. As it fit my worldview and ideal world the closest. And eventually after lurking around the web for a proper AnPrim and Anti-Civ like forum i find myself here. Haha. :)
Wew Lad!
I love video games and anime, grew up most of my childhood watching and playing weebshit. Haha. Also took up drawing about a month and a half ago and i want to take it as a serious hobby. Its pretty rad. :)

Also since i love the being out snd about doing shit in the wilderness, love hiking amlnd camping more then anything, and id love to do a backpacking trip in Mongolia very soon, never done this outside of the states.
Wew Lad!
Hallo & welcome! I'm glad you found this place, and that this place found you. We're all changing all the time, so I'm quite glad we have a place like this where we can discuss things in good faith. Reddit is very tiring to me, because it's the kind of place where you'll bring up a point, and then people will go through your post history to find some reason to dismiss your point because of something else they disagree with… I hope that here we can go into the crises of our time as friends.

By the way, Mongolia backpacking sounds really cool.
Thanks! Also yeah reddit gets really retarded sometimes like that, i dont go lurking there as much anymore basically for that reason.
Wew Lad!

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