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Yank Needs Help
Not sure how your advice helps her immediate situation. She already said she doesn't believe in the system, and she's not about to bring down even her own corner of the neighborhood by herself.

Society is not 'out there'. We are society. If society is fucked up it's because WE are fucked up. KT's domestic situation perfectly illustrates how people within a radical milieu can often end up simply mirroring the attitudes and interpersonal relations of the dominant culture.

There is a time and place to fuck shit up, but to do that successfully we need to first get our own shit together. Addiction to tech, dominating and controlling behaviour, creating mistrust, lying, cheating, taking advantage of people, unwillingness to cooperate, communicate, or work things out....these are all the sorts of things we are supposedly against, no?

This isn't the first negative info I've heard about KT. And it's not just KT, it's the anti-civ, anarchist scene, in general. There are just too many stories like this to shrug off as 'soap operas'. Our whole milieu is toxic. No wonder we aren't even close to subverting the dominant paradigm. We couldn't even organize a simple fire drill. Even the alt-right looks more competent and has more of an influence on the world than we do currently.

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