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The infant mortality question
Accidents happen, and I don't want to be in the business of policing sex.

That said, there is a silver lining to IMR and CMR within an anti-civ context. Our modern knowledge of childhood diseases due to bacterial, viral, and pathogenic causes is quite extensive. Presumably most of this knowledge will not be lost, even in a worse case catastrophic collapse scenario. We know more about sanitation, germ theory, virus theory, and medical complications than do traditional hunter gatherers. We know what symptoms to watch for, and how to treat more kinds of conditions.

Even in a worse case scenario, there would be some basic modern medical materials laying around after a collapse to treat common infectious diseases, and perhaps even slightly more advanced conditions. And if we didn't have the materials or drugs we could make our own (e.g. make penicillin) or trade for some. If not, then at least our basic modern knowledge would likely still lead to better IMR and CMR outcomes than traditional H-G societies. Given this, I'm sure anti-civers could offer better odds than 50-50 of living to adulthood. Perhaps 70%. The rates will not be as high as the current 99% however.

We should be prepared to acknowledge that at least some aspects of anti-civ or post-civ life will be rather harsh.

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