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May 1st
Well, you are being generous Alex! I'd say that we are in something of a lefty paradise.
But you also mention Ibsen and Bjørneboe. I think it was Svein Olav Nyberg who wrote about whether Ibsen had read Stirner. If I remember correctly, then he concluded that Ibsen read Brandes, and Brandes had read Stirner so at least Ibsen knew Stirner second hand. A bit geeky there perhaps, sorry! 

I'd say that besides the trad stuff, there is also something of an individualistic/lifestylist thing going on up here. Quite a few social misfits and freaks going around, especially in the country side. People who opt out, as far as it goes in their particular situation, of the rat race or mass society. Many forest/mountain/fjord bums, homesteaders,bandits and the likes. I've met quite a few who agree with @ on principle, but who don't much like the lefty stuff. So it is not an indivualistic tradition like you see in the Mediterranean countries, but perhaps more shaped from a sparsely populated country where most the land is forest, and still is (I think it is something like 2% of the landmass which are used for houses and roads, including cities).

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