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May 1st
A wee May 1st report from Trondheim, Norway.

We wrote a tiny piece about free time, available in its entirety here: It's in Norwegian. It's kind of difficult to translate because of the poetic elements. The gist of it is that we need a free time (which is different to "free time", as in leisure, non-work for the sake of work) before we're out of time. In Norwegian these are kind of wordplays—fri tid (a free time), fritid (leisure, fri for tid (out of time). If you don't know Norwegian, I guess you just gotta trust me when I say that it's pretty good.

It was printed in one of the biggest national papers, called Klassekampen (Class War), but it was edited to hell, unfortunately.

We also made a nice banner—see the picture below—which parodied one of the main slogans of the Norwegian confederation of trade unions. The original is "Shorter working hours—start introducing the 6 hour work day", whereas ours reads "Shorter No working hours—start introducing the 6 0 hour working day". We got yelled at various people walking with the anarchist communists—one threatened to light the banner on fire if she ever sees us again. However, a very nice old lady from Besteforeldrenes Klimaaksjon (The Grandparents' Climate Action) came up and asked us a bit about our banner, and told us we were doing good work, and to keep it up.


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