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'Better Technology Isn’t The Solution To Ecological Collapse'
(Sat, 21 Apr 2018 08:11:33 +0000, 08:11 AM)|0|__|0| Wrote: Absolutely not, the only green technology is non-technology, I say i say.

Hello I just signed in 5 minutes ago and I totally agree with you. It's the main reason why I signed to anti-civ I'm so tired of (anarco)-transhumanists. I feel invaded. First I was thinking it concerns only some techno-extremists but then I realized all our society is unconciously transhumanist and it's becoming worse every month at a very fast growing rate. their propaganda is working so easily in all sectors with very diferent kind of people from capitalists to anarchists passing trough antispecist, feminist, disgender, ecologists, workers, rich, poor. There is almost no opposition from legalists or revolutionaries. Without an active resistance transhumanism has an open boulevard downhill because "it's in the zeitgeist". All our societies are tending toward hyper technologizing of life. We are full optimistic even mecanic bees are seen as something good for ecology as we are killing all the "biologic" bees! Help!

I have always been against any theory of overpopulation or human-virus because I think we could (re)learn to use our world with consience . But because we are always more alienated from nature we lose even the posibility of understanding our bad behaviours... we are like blind.

(modern)technology destroyed our world. The society told us for the past 400 years that technology will help us to have better lifes. We know since 200 years that it was a lie but we still believe in it. -->The technology will save us from the technology...
-->And the state will save us from the state...
Are we stupid? I believe we are not. But I have no better explanation  :o(

sorry for my english

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