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On the limitations of "anti-ideology"

(Mon, 18 Sep 2017 21:33:51 +0000, 09:33 PM)loneraven Wrote:
(Mon, 18 Sep 2017 20:55:49 +0000, 08:55 PM)Matt Wrote: The assumption that a person can just "turn off" ideological thinking like flipping a light switch is, I would suggest, a tad unrealistic. This is the very substance of the sorts of discussions we should be having, not an impediment to them.

I'm not making that assumption. In fact, my writing is replete with detailed explorations of how difficult it is for people to accept certain things.

But when I look back at the substance of the discussions that have been had so far, I don't see anyone that's even actively looking to exorcize their geists, sorry.

You need to shake people pretty hard (metaphorically) to break them from a trance, right?

The antipathy and hostility that I faced in the 2 years I spent trying to communicate with anarchists made me want to start a website where anti-civ ideas could be discussed separate from anarchism, and no offence, but it seems that most people on this site are just not at all willing to confront how infinitely retarded anarchism is.

Conversely, when I've made the changes in my thinking that I have, I have always been grateful for those people that were instrumental in breaking down my inertia and ideological bias.

I mean, anyone who wants to really go over this is welcome to talk about it with me on Skype at any time, as has been my open offer for many years now, but I find that most people don't even WANT to face contrary ideas, let alone are ready to do so.

One of my podcasts from a couple of years ago had on average 1000 downloads an episode for a few weeks, yet I received only 1 or 2 messages from listeners, and they never really amounted to anything.

Do you get why I would be so pessimistic and unwilling to act like all is well in this discourse? :)

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