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We just had our first few spammers. I deleted them and their posts, and upped the security questions a bit. Sorry for any inconvenience. I guess we're a popular forum now!

If you see any spam in the future, please report it using the "report" button beneath the post. Hopefully this won't be a big problem.
They kept coming, so I've done a few more things.

* The registration security questions are now a tiny bit more difficult. Bots can easily guess 1 + 1, but if you have 1 plus 1 - two, that will throw them off.

* The minimum registration time is longer. A human will need some time to type in a username &c anyway, whereas bots automatically fill forms, and try to register too quickly.

* There now is a hidden CAPTCHA. This is a CAPTCHA humans don't fill in, because it is not visible on the registration page. However, bots deal with the source code rather than what's actually visible, so they will try to fill in the hidden CAPTCHA, and thus be denied access since it's not supposed to be filled in.

* Everyone who tries to register is checked against the Stop Forum Spam database (no information is actually stored there, it's just a simple check to see if it's a known spammer).

Hopefully the only things that get through now are human spammers, which should be few and far between; and purging spammers is thankfully very simple. If it gets too bad, I could perhaps get loneraven to install a "moderate first post" plugin (it's just a matter of unzipping something in a specific directory), but we'll see.
I would unzip something in a directory. I'm not THAT lazy.

We don't need it yet though, so no need to bother with it yet. These types of things have a tendency to suddenly be a lot more work than they were supposed to be according to the README.
I added a "moderate first post" plug-in. Hopefully it works. Hopefully it didn't break registration. It's kinda hard to tell since people register very seldom. Perhaps I should advertise this site more. Anyhow; if you try to register and can't post, that's probably my bad.

Edit: I tested it. It works. Whew.

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