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AUTISM: The system countering rebellion - Hoot - Sun, 10 Feb 2019 16:09:02 +0000

 For anyone interested,and more will be interested, this is a lengthy explanation. It is ONLY A THEORY. And a theory that can not be easily tested like a scientific hypothesis. I'll sum it up.

1)There’s a “recipe” if you will, that I, and possibly a few others hold, that forms the theory that autism is intentionally man-made to counter rebellion and possibly other traits that would be harmful to the controllers agenda. Support to this theory follows in key links. These links provide subtle clues that go along with my other findings. My attempts to send this through other channels has been blocked. I would appreciate help in forwarding this article around the net. This should be circulated.

2) How evil are the controllers ? How important is it to them to hold onto their game ? What measures will they take ?

3) How do we test the hypothesis that autism is man made, with a twisted scheme to counter rebellion in genetics ?

4)Science is usually much further ahead then we think it is. What were the Nazi’s doing back in the 1940’s?  What did American scientists learn from them ?

My theory is that (possibly Nazi) scientists found a chemical reaction that would counter rebellion in genetics in a way that damages the brain. It could be administered through the MMR vaccine,or possibly other means, and prove HARMLESS to those without the possibility for developing a high standard of rebellion. This “reaction” would be harmless to all other DNA, EXCEPT those with rebellion traits. And quite possibly other traits harmful to the controllers agenda,such as high intellect. The agent causing this reaction could be RANDOMLY “installed” into the MMR and other means to further decrease the chance of any links being found. The agent causes irreversible brain damage (Autism) to recipients that posses high amounts of the "rebel" or "smart" gene.

5) Rebellion in genetics. Too much of this would be bad for the controllers.