Full Version: NYT: A Season of Regret for an Aging Tribal Expert in India
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From NYT today:

in the end, Mr. Pandit agrees that the Jarawa were hurt by putting down their bows and arrows.
“The negative impact of close contact is inescapable, but it is sad,” he said. “What an amazing community, but it has been diluted in its outlook, its self-confidence, its sense of purpose, its sense of survival. Now they take it easy. They beg for things.”
This was not a surprise. He understood that his work would expose the tribes to the outside, with its dazzling technology, and that they would submit avidly. His aim, he said, was to control the process, to slow it as much as possible, so that they understood the value of what they were leaving behind.
“In the course of time, these communities will disappear,” he said. “Their cultures will be lost.”