Full Version: Techno Jews Unite
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No results for "google jews" search ???

Of course there may be anti-tech supporters that are Jewish.
If that's the case, there's respect for those.
Cut it with the nazi shit
Not meant to be Nazi shit. Just an observation. Kind of like commenting on squirrels eating all the bird seed. Nothing against squirrels. They just happen to be the ones eating all the fucking seeds. I could give a rats ass for Nazi's or Jews. I can point out equal shitty qualities that seem to dominate from either. Which I have done.  With that said, I'm all for some Nazi's countering some techno Jews. I'm also for some Jews countering some Nazi scientists. Everyone is welcome in this.
Drop every mention of jews if you want anti-tech to become more mainstream. We need to cut out all ani-vaxx shit and downplay Kaczynski