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I am not against collectivities completely in principle. In many cases, groups and classifications are brought to me rather than being chosen. This is where I stand on certain historical narratives, like dictatorship of the proletariat, insurrection, revolution and so on.
Large collectivities that are created by situations don’t need cheerleaders and should a dictatorship of the proletariat actually exist, the activities of eco-extremists would disappear within such a large collectivity. In the case of revolutionary or insurrectionary situations, obviously eco-extremist activities would hardly be noticed as the spread of destruction would be massified.
Which brings me to smaller collectivities, that of eco-extremism, that of attentat that of autonomous zones and that of mutual aid. Unlike the previous examples, these smaller examples are within my range to create. Massive collectivities,whether true or not, can’t be managed into existence nor controlled. This is perhaps where I have been most bothered by communism, including its left communist forms.
I see a situation in France with the yellow vests. We could debate the ins and outs of it, but it came into being by subjected forces and not because of active vanguards. I have not read deeply on the situation so I’ll leave my comment on that vague detail because it exposes a point.
We can create our own immediate worlds with other individuals as we desire. We need not be insurrectionary nor revolutionary nor approve or disapprove of the proletarian dictatorship. These mass concepts aren’t my enemy, but they are blinders. They harm our ability to see where our impact can be developed.
Eco-extremism is just a style of attack with a context, same with attentat actions that aren’t necessarily eco-extreme. Those that want to do these things, can do these things, but the consequences are just as extreme. This is discouraging, but I wouldn’t limit myself to this. This is where my point on other ways to connect comes in.
There are so many ways to grow and we can support each other instead of looking for how to manage each other. The ideas of finding ways to connect, to grow as both individuals and as groups that see in each other the universe, rather than see the group as one more vehicle towards a mass strategy with a mass goal.