Full Version: A photo history of male affection
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I find it interesting how there seems to be an inverse correlation between how acceptable sex and intimacy are in civilised society. Attitudes towards sex are in many ways more open and relaxed than they've ever been, yet at the same time if two men hug, they must immediately resolve this transgression by ironic distancing—"no homo!"—or some other inane behaviour. Of course, these are mere tendencies (I certainly don't shout "no homo" when hugging someone else who happens to have similar genitalia to myself), but they are observable—at times nigh palpable, because they are so odd to me.

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So I found this photo album from days of intimate openness, but sexual "closedness", rather interesting.

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«As [homosexuality became] stigmatized and [an] onerous identifier […], men began to be much more careful to not send messages to other men, and to women, that they were gay. And this is the reason why, it is theorized, men have become less comfortable with showing affection towards each other over the last century. At the same time, it also may explain why in countries with a more conservative, religious culture, such as in Africa or the Middle East, where men do engage in homosexual acts, but still consider homosexuality the “crime that cannot be spoken,” it remains common for men to be affectionate with one another and comfortable with things like holding hands as they walk.»

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