Full Version: Is Civilization inevitable ?
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Is it inevitable ? We have 3 main origins of civilizations, from the Levant from China(even thought China might have had a touch from the Levant) and South America.
At least the Levant and south America developed independently, this might tell us that civilization is kind of a natural evolution of mankind, on the other hand it is strange it started so abruptly in short period.
I could almost say its some kind of evil hand behind it or maybe not.
Or is this just a natural easy evolutionary mistake from naive people ?
This doesn't change the fact that civilization is destructive and undesirable for any sane and awaken mind.
What's your take on this one ?
I would agree that the possibility/threat of civilisation is inherent to Homo sapiens. We know because it exists. What's less clear are many processes that could lead to civilisation. Who knows how many, and what other, pseudo- or proto-civilisations might have existed in the past?

Knowing how evolution thrives upon chance, the scenarios could be endless. And with the chaos of the future, imagine the scenarios the species is  yet to encounter.

The only thing I am sure of is that humankind, at this moment in time, has available a disseminated awareness and hindsight to the consequences of civilisation, making us appear better placed than at any other time in our development able to negate it.

Still, the harder task, and to acknowledge the naiveté you mention, will be our relative ignorance in recognising, maneuvering and ameliorating the instigations and stimuli towards civilisations.
If we are to be, we must be conscientiously. So it is a prudent question to ask: can we be conscientious? This is different from asking "can I be conscientious in my daily life", like so many do—by giving some change to a homeless person, by not indulging in unnecessary electronics, by not eating meat, by being kind to service workers, and you know all the rest. Our entire species (which is what you actually are, but we won't get into all that here) needs to be conscientious. We need to be aware. How is this possible?

There is a seemingly irreconcilable challenge here. In order to have the knowledge needed for conscientious life, we must be somehow connected to ourselves. We now know that «The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race». This knowledge is essential for conscientious life. So… how do we retain this knowledge? To pose the question concisely: how do we learn from civilisation, without civilisation? "Without" here means both "lacking", and "outside of".

The chief question for post-civilisation doesn't concern medicine, food, or population sizes—globalised knowledge is our problem.
Maybe Civilization is a necessary step in mankind's evolution, maybe that's what a post-civilization "Without" civilization needs in order to be conscious and not commit the same mistake ?