Full Version: CHAGS Conference in Malaysia
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The Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies (CHAGS) is taking place this week (July 23 - 27, 2018) in Penang, Malaysia.

There are numerous events, lectures, and presentations. In the past few conferences, it has been opened up to the public as well as academia.

I noticed in the list of presentations this year is a session on Anarchy and Hunter Gatherers. One of the presentations in this section is by Kevin Tucker:

2:00 – 2:15 PM. “Primitive communism” or “primal anarchy”: anarcho-primtivism’s utilization of hunter-gatherer studies as comparative critique of civilizations

Kevin Tucker, Black and Green Press, United States; James Van Lanen, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Continuing efforts to grasp the nature of hunter-gatherer societies have offered new terms and concepts that allow more critical insights to HG studies, confluence of histories, cultural critiques, and contemporary attempts to enact HG lifeways.

Long abstract: “Primitive communism” is a concept the social sciences have been stuck with since Marx and Engels. As anthropology has always been a mirror for cultural critique, it becomes necessary to update our contexts. Following Bird-David’s distillation of procurement versus production, an understanding of immediate return hunter-gatherers defaults from the economic arrangement of “primitive communism” to one of anti-economic subsistence, “primal anarchy.” Anarchists, including contemporaries of Marx and Engels, have drawn this distinction; anarcho-primitivists made it their focus. Contextualizing the circumstances an economy demands—surplus, sedentism, domestication—allows a vision of IR-HG life on its own terms, not merely top-down ascriptions and segmentation: understood as a whole instead of fragments. Influenced by HG ethnographies, archaeology, and historical accounts, anarcho-primitivists assert that this perspective can unearth the causes of, and the solutions to, the crises of civilization, while providing evidence that humans thrive most ecologically, socially, psychologically, and physically as IR-HGs. This paper will layout the basis for how a revised view of HG studies demonstrates an actualized anarchistic society implicit in the social and material adaptations of HGs. The paper will then discuss field observations of contemporary anarcho-primitivists who are making attempts to actualize HG lifeways based upon the anthropological record.

So looks like Kevin is actually at the conference. Hope he gives us a report on how it went.