Full Version: The Crisis of Civilisation, by Gilles Dauve
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I am starting to read this text. If anyone would like to join me in a discussion group i would welcome the chance to have a chinwag and exercise the membrane.


Quote:Capitalist civilisation differs from empire, which has a heart, a core, and when the core withers and dies, the whole system around it goes too. On the contrary, capitalism is a polycentric

The heart and core of capitalist civilisation is capital itself. The core does not wither and die, it is killed and destroyed by it's living force of labour.

My first impression is to question why Dauve feels the need to distinguish between "capitalist civilisation" and historic civilisations that he labels as "empires". In my mind capitalist civilisation is just a continuation, an amalgamation, of historic civilisations of the past.
Don't waste your time! What turgid shit.