Full Version: Never Die Easy
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Dag Aabye is a Canadian (born and raised in Norway) ultra-marathoner living near Vernon, British Columbia. Besides running, he is also, among other things, considered the godfather of the sport of free-style skiiing.

VERNON - "For much of the year, home for Dag Aabye is a portable garden shed that he carried, in pieces, halfway up a mountain to a remote location in the woods.

His home base has no cell service, running water or electricity, and is located about an hour’s hike from the nearest highway, up a trail only Dag knows how to find. The 75-year-old makes the trek up and down regularly throughout the week. He takes public transit and loads his backpack full of coffee, potatoes, eggs and other staples that he’ll cook up over a fire.

I got to know Dag this past year over several long coffees and a longer hike to his special spot on the mountain. I was intrigued by Dag before I even met him. I’d long heard stories of the tough Norwegian who jogged up and down the steep switchbacks of Silver Star Road for a casual morning jog. I skied past the double black diamond run named after him at Silver Star Mountain (it’s called Aabye Road), and read about his participation in Alberta’s annual Death Race — a 125 km adventure race that spans three mountain summits. Finishing the race is a feat at any age; in your 70s, it's astonishing.  

I knew I wanted to interview him, but I had to find him first. Dag is not someone you’ll find in the phone book. He doesn’t have a fixed address, a cell phone, or email. But, he has lots of friends for someone who lives alone in the woods, and after several phone calls and a message left for him at a local sports bar, he called me back from a payphone."

Wonderful read. Thanks so much for sharing it!

He's right. What we're doing isn't living, it's captivity.

Edit: Watched the video as well. It was not particularly well-made, unfortunately. However it was interesting to hear the man himself speak. He spoke with the kind of conviction that comes from wisdom and confidence.